Board of Directors

Active People’s Microfinance Institution PLC got a business license from Ministry of Commerce in March,
2011, and got a microfinance license from National bank of Cambodia in May, 2011. Then, Business Partner Co.
, Ltd, which is a shareholder in Japan acquired all shares of Active People’s Microfinance PLC 100%, and the
institution restarted a business as a Japanese microfinance firm in December, 2012. In those days, the institution
has an amount of balance was only 180,000 USD, the number of staffs were 6 people. It means that our company
was so small in the beginning. But now, an amount of balance is 62990,000 USD, the number of staffs are 590
people. Besides, the number branches are 16, and the number of clients are 91,237.The Institution have kept
growing for 7 years because of your support. We will never give up to expand our business, and continue to make
Our most important role is making benefits to clients, staffs, and societies in Cambodia. We give clients our
service which is needed, and support their daily life and a business. We are aiming to make a good situation which
are stable managements of our company, an increase of employment opportunities, stable tax payment, and stable
providing our service for clients, because of our action.
The role will be not changed even if the society in Cambodia have been improving rapidly. We are going to
inform the vision that we have been treasuring since our company established to staffs who are not only senior
managements but also all of members like new staffs.
To be “the nearest microfinance in Cambodia”, to be needed by a lot of clients, we are going to try harder
more than over and we focusing on abiding by the code of ethical in its Good business operation and preparing
management system well to achieve even greater growth.. Thank you very much for continued support and